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Market Research

Magnolia Innovation Lab is a boutique digital research and meeting facility, where you can come for a refreshingly modern research experience. We offer full-service day-of research planning, catering, and room coordination so you can focus on gathering insights. Our  interview room can be digitally monitored in real-time from 3 large viewing rooms which offer breathtaking views of NYC’s skyline. Each of our viewing rooms have seating for up to 40 people, with couches for lounging and several wide screen televisions. Live-feed camera angles can be adjusted to fit your needs. Rooms are equipped with white boards for dynamic note taking and insight capture.

Our boutique facility has one appointed interview room with separate lounge, which means our attention is focused on you, and only you. We look forward to providing you with exceptional, specialized service, taking the time to help you with all of your project needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you create your vision.

We will always welcome you warmly, and rest assured you will be completely taken care of at Magnolia Innovation Lab.


  • Viewing rooms that can seat up to 40 allowing everyone to have a bird’s eye view
  • All the wireless and audio/video technology you need, including LIVE video streaming and video recording
  • Conference rooms designed for any type of qualitative research
  • Additional breakout rooms

Research is changing, facilities should be to! Dark research rooms are a thing of the past, let there be light! We are a digital research facility and therefore do NOT have one-way mirrors in any of our spaces. Instead, we use closed-circuit viewing via high-end HD cameras and large 60″ flat panel HD monitors. This way, our clients can enjoy a premium up close and personal experience, while not making respondents feel uncomfortable with the presence of a one-way mirror.

Market Research Room TypesViewing Room CapacityDaily Rate
Viewing room & Interview room40Starting at $2,500

Interview Rooms

Viewing Rooms

Super-fast internet


Hosted Reception

Lounge Area